Weight Loss-Stress Response

Weight mgmt issues are a symptom of stress (chemical, structural, mental) not properly handled. In order to have long term success, the stress response must be addressed. Every patient is an individual, therefore there no cookie cutter programs work long term. We will address YOU as an individual and give you what is needed for long term success!

Stress Response

The physiological changes associated with the acute stress response are absolutely necessary for survival in a stressful environment. If you could not produce these changes you could not deal with stress and you would die. HOWEVER, we are not designed to be under chronic stress. What was designed to be helpful in an acute fight or flight situation is now being stimulated chronically for days, weeks, months, and even years! The physiological changes can be summarized as follows:

What is causes:

* Increased cortisol

* Increased catecholamines

* Increased heart rate

* Increased vasoconstriction

* Increased blood pressure

* Increased blood glucose levels

* Increased blood lipid levels

* Increased blood cholesterol

* Increased clotting factors

* Increased protein degradation of connective tissue

* Insulin resistance

* Increased feelings of stress, fear, anxiety and depression

* Decreased short term memory, ability to concentrate

* Decreased serotonin levels; increase nor adrenaline levels

* Increase sensitivity of sensory systems (Pain)

* Decreased cellular immunity

* Decreased anabolic hormones like growth hormone

* Bone loss, muscle fiber type changes

Increases Blood Sugar (Diabetes)

Breaks down tissue (impairs healing)

Increase Blood Pressure

Makes Heart work harder



High Triglycerides

Liver problems/Heart disease

Thickens Blood

Breaks down tissue (impairs healing)



Lack of focus (Alzheimers)



Illness, dysfunction, disease

Body will not repair itself

Osteoporosis (Increase fractures)

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