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Dr. Jason Watson, a Chiropractor in Boise, ID uses a variety of techniques when helping patients.  He is trained in 9 different techniques and uses several on each of his patients.  These techniques include Activator, Thompson, Flexion-Distraction, and Diversified.   Due to the amount of patients we help that have disc related issues, we rarely use side posture techniques or other techniques that cause stress on the discs of the spine.  Most patients we can help without doing any “Racking and Cracking.”  We utilize instruments, tables, etc. as it causes less of an inflammatory response and is more specific in nature.  Since many patients come in initially with pain due to inflammation, we focus on correcting the problem and decreasing inflammation using unique therapies like whole body cryotherapy and PEMF therapy when indicated.  This allows us to get you out of pain faster and on your way.  Many patients are shocked after their first treatment on how gentle, simple, and effective our care is; especially when they have been to other chiropractors.  Give us a try.

My Top Recommendations for Optimal Health!

Get adjusted

Getting adjusted helps the nervous system run at optimal level allowing everything else to work like it was meant to work.  Even if you did all of the recommendations that follow, but still failed to get adjusted, your body would not allow you to use the nutrition fully, let your muscles work to full potential, and the supportive devices would be supporting an imbalanced frame. However, if you choose to be adjusted and maintain your spinal health, you may not need to incorporate all of the recommendations to maintain overall health.

Nutrition- how you eat and supplement matters.

  1. Greens first – Helps to decrease systemic inflammation and improve acid/alkaline balance.

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  1. Optimize Omega 6/3 ratio– Most patients need 1g of Krill Oil and 1g of ProOmega to be optimized on blood test. A simple finger prick blood test can give you specific recommendations based on your body.

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  1. Standard Process Whole Body Detox– Wholefood supplements to cleanse the body including the liver, kidneys, and Colon (21 day cleanse).  Most patients should do a major detox once a year due to the toxicity of our environment and food supply.

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Exercise and Rehab- how you move matters.

  1. Power Plate- Acceleration Training to increase core strength and improve weak muscles allowing for large gains in a short period of time.  There are many other health benefits.

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  1. Spinal Decompression- A Specific treatment for most disc problems/syndromes including herniations, bulges, and degeneration.

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  1. Oxygen Therapy-  LiveO2 therapy introduces a simple way of getting massive amounts of oxygen into the cells. In the first 15 minute session (or let’s say first 3 sessions), the inflammation in the capillaries will begin to be lowered and a layer of toxins will be cleared.  Oxygen will rush into the cells bringing the energy and the physiological processes necessary to heal.

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Supportive/Corrective Help- how you sleep, walk, and work matters.

  1. Cervical Pillow– The correct cervical pillow will not correct the curve in your neck, but it can help keep your curve from getting worse.  This is a must for most individuals.  Your cervical pillow should address both back and side sleeping habits and should be sized by your doctor to ensure that it is supportive and not stressing your spine incorrectly.  I recommend Therapeutica pillows.

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  1. Footlevelers– Custom orthotics is a must for any patient that presents with pelvic instability or pelvic unleveling.  Due to gravity always compressing our spine and feet, orthotics can dramatically improve your spinal health through continued pelvic stability and plantar fascia support.

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  1. Posture Pumps– These devices can help with a variety of neck problems and low back problems, but should only be used after segmental movement has been increased through getting adjusted.  After normal motion is restored, posture pump exercises can greatly improve spinal curvature allowing patients to hold their care much longer.  These devices should only be recommended by a doctor and used during corrective care so you know which specific device can help you and how to do correctly.

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  1. Standing Desk- Sitting is the new smoking when it comes to health.  Those who work jobs that sit all day will have additional health challenges.  A simple resolution to this is to incorporate a standing desk that allows you to both sit and stand throughout the day.  Obviously not everyone can get a large new desk or control this easily working for various companies.  If your company won’t resolve, then you can take control of your health and do it yourself. Below is an affordable solution for most applications that doesn’t require a whole new desk or a lot of space.

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Anti-inflammatory Help

  1. Cryotherapy- Whole body cryotherapy, local cryotherapy, and cryofacials are all some of the quickest ways to lower inflammation. Depending on your specific inflammatory issue and locations of the body would determine which source of cryotherapy to use for best results.  This is NOT icing or cold therapy.

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  1. Testing- Not all blood work is the same.  Get the correct testing done as it will save you thousands in the long run by addressing the fundamental problems up front.  If you have chronic inflammation, more than likely you have food allergies (not typical food allergies).  Have specific foods tested against your blood with IgG and IgA antibodies.  In addition, instead of guessing what supplements to take, do Science Based Nutrition testing that involve a full blood and hair analysis taking the guesswork out.  This will help you eliminate deficiencies and remove toxicities allowing your body to function at its highest level.

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